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10 gal started up 6 weeks ago.
Salinity is good.
PH good
Ammonia good
Nitrates good
Nitrites good

So why do the fish I added show signs of distress?


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Ph 8.2
Ammo .25
Nitrite 0
Nitrates 5.0
Salinity .025
I am using distilled water. As I cannot buy rodi water where I live. And the boss will not allow me to purchase a rodi system.
Ive lost a clown and a clown goby. And my chromis is not doing well. Any thoughts.
10 lbs of live rock and crushed coral as a substrate.
4 blue and I red hermit for clean up.


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Initial cycling not finished. Ammonia should be zero. You've started very small. If you had three fish in this tank you have too many too soon.
What filtration do you have?


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.25 ammonia can be a false reading with the api test kits.
add some macro algaes behind a partition will help.

10g for any normal sized fish can be small.