HELPI think my clowns are having babies


I have a 46 gal tank bowfront. And I have two clowns and there are these yellow like small balls and their guarding it! What should I do? I have a blue tang (dori) and sleeper goby and 6 line wrasse and a chromis. Help me out thanks. And I dont have another tank to move them to though!

bang guy

All you can do for these egges is let them hatch and allow the tank to feast.
If you would like to try to raise a batch in the future you need to research and prepare in advance.


What type of clowns? Ocellaris Clowns are the easiest to breed. The eggs usually hatch after about 8 days during the night. Fry bolt to the surface and stay there for a short time and then drop to the bottom of the tank. The problem is, with any other fish, the parents will fear for safety of the brood and opt to eat the fry themselves. Most likely you will only see them guarding the eggs and then they will be gone.