Hermits kill healthy fish?


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Anyone ever seen hermits take down a healthy fish?
I have 2 %*&%*& hermits that are ~1" in size. They're housed in large Fancy Nass snail shells.
Last night, I found them, along with a couple of their smaller friends, chomping on the body of my 1.5" Cherub Angel, who had been in the tank for several months, and shown no signs of illness previously.

The only other suspect is the Emerald Crab, who was in the neighborhood of the body, but wasn't feasting like the $*&^*% hermits.


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Originally Posted by renogaw
pics of the hermits? there are no reef safe hermits i know of that are 1" in size

I am sure the OP meant shell and all approximately...no they do not attack healthy fish, a healthy fish just swims away from them. Sorry to hear of the loss. Emerald crabs don't kill fish either...you may not have noticed, but your fish was sick or in a fight to the death with another fish.


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There is no such thing as a herbivore hermit... they are all omnivores when the opportunity arises.
Your fish definitely died or was dying when the hermits started to eat it.


If you are talking about the regular small hermits they don't hunt fish because of their smaller size. Larger hermits like the sea anemone one can kill fish if given the right opportunity.