HH ID: Coral?

Hello all! I would appreciate some help with this one.
This is a hitchicker that came with some Florida Aquacultured Live Rock that I received about 6 weeks ago. It seems firmy attached to the rock and hasn't tried to move.
It was originally circular and about the size of a dime. I have been feeding it some sinking carnivor pellets and it has grown to the size of a quarter/ silver dollar. It shudders and swells when fed, and grabs the food with its short fringe of tentacles. It is now more of a figure eight-ish shape.
It is a rust color with a metallic green hue to its tentacles. It appears to have a perpendicular ribbed texture to its outer portion.
I have yet to find a photo that looks like my creature. Any ID help or suggestions where to look up more info would be appreciated


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Sorry, I dont have the answer, but I'm bumping ya, someone has to know..............and I am curious also. :D


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Hard to tell from the pic but it may be a Scolymia lacera, Scolymia vitiensis or Scolymia wellsi


I have the same thing on some fiji live rock that I've had fro about 4 months. Someone told me it looks like the start of a candy cane coral. Hope someone tells us definetely what it is.