hiding purple firefish


I got a new purple firefish from the LFS 3 nights ago but I have only seen him once since putting him in the tank. Is it common for them to hide in the rock work all the time? I've read that they do well in pairs. If I got a second purple firefish, would that help him come out. I'm a little concerned that he died and was taken care of by the clean up crew, but I have a fire shrimp that I hardly ever see too, so I'm hoping he's just shy.


My dad has a firefish that almost never comes out. I spent four days at his house and we saw it one time for about two seconds. I also have a book here at the house that says, "singles tend to hide." If you think he might be dead, keep an eye on your water parameters. Unless I am mistaken, a dead and decaying organism in the tank with throw things out of whack. What happens when you feed?


I have had a firefish for about 7 months. He always hid and only came out to eat and then he would go hide again. About a month ago I bought 3 green chromis and since that time the firefish stays right in front and sometimes even swims with the chromis. He never hides even when I walk up to the tank. The rest of the fish scatter and he just looks at me. He's my favorite fish now. I think he was just lonely.:notsure: