high nitrate?

dic wood

I have a 55gal FOWLR, my 14" Snowflake eel and 5" Rock mover (Dragon wrasse) keep disturbing the substrate. Could that contribute to high nitrate?


yes, it can. but probably not in a newer tank. how much do you feed? if you feed a lot ur fish poop alot. haha prob just need to keep up w/ wc's

dic wood

My tank is 2 years +. I was over feeding. I cut down, Twice a day I think I'm going to feed once a day.
I am probably over stocked.
Snowflake, 15"
Rock mover (Dragon wrasse),6"
Coral beauty, 3"
hippo tang, 6"
Red spotted hawk,3"
Desjardinii Sailfin,5"
racoon Butterfly fish, 4"


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I would agree that you are overstocked, you can help the situation by stepping up your water changes. How high are your nitrates?