hitch hicker??


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I have a Manderin Golby that is doing well I've had it for 3 weeks and today i was looking through my tank looking for new stuff and you guy(gals) all know what i mean .Iseam to find somehing new in my tank all the time today was know different but what i found i dont think can be good. It was a small 1/8 long 1/16 wide bug ridding on my golby .It was white and i could see its eyes or what looked like eyes.Then after i got a few pics of the critter the golby brushed it off onthe live rock .This bug cant be good any help will be very helpful. O yea this tank has been fish ready for over a year,and all the live rock in my tank has been etheir in this tank or my larger tank for over 5 so nothing new did get 2 frags from SWF in the last 2 weeks maybe it rode in with them but who knows

bang guy

Cirolanid Isopod is what comes to mind.
Catch your fish and get the parasite off of it. A freshwater dip will usually do the trick.
Be careful, the Isopod may escape while you are catching the Dragonet if you are not careful.


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That is it thank you very much
. going to be hard to catch over 70lbs live rock in 46gal bow front tank


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I did do some looking and i found a guy tha used a jar with a with a pop bottel top have inverted in the jar with shrimp in it to catch them im trying that tonight *** Please don't post links- Sep if your intrested of course you going have to add the "." in the right places to get their


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Did I mention that I had Tisbe, Tigriopus AND Pseudocyclops pods?... and 4 different kinds of Phyto?
Can't blame a girl for trying.... and I would simply love to have the evil bug..