Hitch Hiker in my Tank

Kunal Patel


Recently I added soft corals to my tank, so that is where I think I picked up a hitch hiker. I wanted to know what it is, looks like a sea slug with a shell, or like half of a clam crawling around on my glass. I also wanted to know if it is harmful because I have a predator tank. Sorry the picture is blurry. To describe it is had eyes, antenna like a land slug, except it looks like it has a flat shell on it back.

Thank you


bang guy

I can't really tell from the picture. It resembles Stomatella varians but your picture is too blurry to tell.

bang guy

Let's just say you should keep one eye open at night when you sleep...

JK - They are at the top of the list for beneficial Diatom cleaners. Congratulations!