hitchhiker anemone


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products like joes juice
SOME pepermint shrimp and copper banded butterflies will eat them. but the butterflies need a large tank and not all animals of neither pecies is garenteed to eat them.
you can also inject them with a syringe of lemon juice, kalk paste, or boiling water. i had a few on the ends of small piece of rock and i just broke off those very ends, let them dry out, and then put them back in the tank when they were base rock again.
i had one that was way deep down in a crevice that i would never be able to get at and it wasnt on the end so i couldnt break it off. so i jsut covered the hole with some holdfast epoxy that i had for holding down frags.


I got rid of some by using a turkey baster with hot water and vinegar. I squirted this mixture on the anemone and it was gone after that.