hitchhiker ive never seen before!!


i didnt think it was a bristle worm.. considering this thing is already about an Inch and a half long.. my LFS didnt think it was a bristle worm either.. and they had never seen anything like this and are usually pretty knowledgeable on the subject.
and yes, it most certainly has a head
agree I don't think it is a bristle worm caught enough of them myself and they don't have heads, pretty weird and neat at the same time. Do you have an isolation tank to put it in to keep an eye on it?


unfortunatly no... i have a 24 gallon aquapod nano reef (which is where i found it) and a 55 gallon aggressive.. and i dont really want to put it in either, for fear of it dissapearing or getting eaten... its currently sitting in a bucket on my floor

bang guy

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Epitoke maybe? It's a stage of baby bristleworm.
Definately an Epitoke - the reproductive phase of some Bristleworms.
That particular Epitoke looks to me like the type where the entire body of the worm transforms into a bag of gametes. Had it struck the glass or a rock head-on it probably would have ruptured and released the gametes.


hmm.. it is swimming rapidly all over the bucket right now.. and it strikes head on into the side quite often but nothing really happens..
but its definitely an Epitoke?
hmm thats good to know.. i guess i wont be putting him back into the tank again :p


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Can anyone please ID this??
ive never seen anything like it before.. it is a very active swimmer.

I have one of those.
Came with my yumas (first coral ever in my tank)
... it doesnt hurt anything.. that I know of
Its just ugly.
Good Luck
P.s Ive never seen mine swim though... he has the disposition of a bristle worm kinda.
..... I just said a worm had a 'disposition'....