hitchhikers in sand ?

At first I saw just one, what looks like a baby tube worm. Having only 60 lbs of live sand (Hawaiian black) in a 72 gallon saltwater tank I took it out and put it to the side to add 40 more lbs of Hawaiian black. Two or three weeks later I now spot 13 what looks like baby tube worms. They remind me of palm trees but very small. Am I ok if more and more pop up. Or is this something I need to pot a stop to

bang guy

The white crowned featherdusters are quite common and harmless. In a reef tank with no mechanical filtration they can sometimes overpopulate. They're easy to remove though so not something to worry about.


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Yuuup. That's a tube worm/feather duster. Just like bang guy said, nothing to worry about. They're filter feeders.