HOB Protein Skimmer and HOB Filter


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Hey guys,

So I am currently running a 29g FOWLR tank (with the exception of a small amount of GSP) with a AquaClear 50 HOB filter. I plan on upgrading to a 75 gallon FOWLR in a few months. Ive done some research on protein skimmers (and that they are not necessary but highly recommended) so I plan on getting one for my upgraded tank. My question is since I will have the protein skimmer to help with filtration is an AquaClear 50 enough filtration in partner with the protein skimmer? I understand my HOB filter is only up to 50 g but I figured Id ask if that is enough.


i would probably try some more filteration than that for a 75. you might want to try a sump or some type of really strong canister or HOB. sump is really recomended though. ik its exensive but still worth it.