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I'm thinking how nice it would be to have one huge sump/refugium in my garage for all of my systems. 1 UV, 1 BIG Refugium, 1 chiller for emergencies, 1 Calcium Reactor, 1 Neptune controller, 1 place for water changes, 1 place for evap/dosing, dramatically reduced noise level near tanks (no motor noises), etc.
Has anyone done this at home? What kind of pump? What kind of plumbing? Valves to control each tank's flow? What sive pipe for return and for drainage? Any plans?

mr . salty

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The one major problem with this kind of setup is that if you get a disease,or problem in one tank,,,,before you can do anything about it ALL your tanks are infected.Not to mention one small leak will also drain all the tanks.
Good points...
I was thinking about a big UV on the main return to keep parasites from spreading. As far at the leak issue, that's scary. My feeling, however, is that it's not much more likely that a standard leak in my house.


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Aside from the points Salty mentioned, I think it would be GREAT !
Disease spreading would be my biggest concern. But man would that be nice to have everything out of the way.
Someday I will have something similar, maybe not all tanks on one common supply, but all the "stuff" in one remote area, out of sight, out of hearing range, mix up large batches of saltwater, PVC piping leading to each tank, drain and fill, and concrete floors with drain in the floor - hose down the whole room if I felt like it :D