horseshoe crab


arrow would be better, horseshoe crabs can get big, eat alot and will potentially starve to death in a very short time(even when small). I had one strave to death in abouyt 2 months before I found that out
Arrows usually eat bristle worms, not so sure they will eat other things but they may.:notsure:


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Horseshoes do not live long in aquariums and should NOT be placed in a reef tank.
Arrows will eat anything they can catch including small fish.


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I had a horseshoe crab in my 20 gallon FOWLR tank, but it died after only a month. I bought my chocolate chip starfish on the same day as the crab, and the starfish is still doing great after 2 years.


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Do not get a horseshoe crab:
-The are not reef animals and generally need lower temperatures than we have
-They eat the 'good things' in a sand bed
-They are often overpowered by the currents in the tank and get sucked on to powerheads and such.
If kept in a species tank - with conditions that are specifically designed for the horseshoe, they can do well. But not in our typical tanks.


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Hello arrow crabs will try to eat small sleeping fish and as for horseshoes not all are the same u do get rare cases like mine but they will eat anything that is in the sand ive had mine in my 180gal tang reef tank for a little over a year now they grow quickly every time they malt they grow 25 to 30 percent larger they love bristleworms feather dusters and snails nassaris snails inperticular there blood also contains copper so if they die if you dont know it and the body starts to break down it can release copper in to your tank they are great for deep sand beds ehen it comes to aerating and moving the sand but mine has never tried to eat anythong othere then bristleworms


Copper in the blood is a new one for me. Maybe that's what I have.

Anyway, horseshoes at the very least are clumsy and will knock everything over.