How about posting you fish & tank pics


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Things seem to be moving rather slow in this forum this week. Thought maybe we could get things moving by posting pics of your aggressive setups, and giving some info about it.
Here are some pics of my 240. Not really what most would consider aggressive, but more of a FOWLR. The tank was setup in late November. Currently stocked with coral beauty, fiji damsel, niger trigger, yellow tang, majestic angel, snowflake eel, and porc puffer. I originally had a whitecheek tang in here as well, but he has been removed do to aggression towards my majestic angel. For filtration I have a 50 gallon sump/refugium. Currently I have about 160 lbs. of LS, and roughly 300 lbs. of LR.


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Sometime next week I plan on adding a maroon clown, and velvet wrasse. Also thinking about removing the niger trigger, and replacing him with a blue chin.
Well I had to get on the ball and get some updated pics :) Here is my 75 It has a picasso , red corris and a fimbriated moray. the moray didn't want his picture taken .. so i'll have to try to get him tomorrow when he is feeding :)

my red corris picking at the rocks

My picasso .. mister personality :D

Sorry for the dark pics. Hope ya like :)


Was it ever stated that I had plans to keep him in there for life? Was it ever stated how big a fish he was? What would be wrong with a small tang in my tank temporarily? Shame you couldn't have just enjoyed the pictures and kept your comments to yourself, rather then turn this into a debate.:rolleyes: