How deep does an ASM G2 need to sit in the water?

I got my hands on an asm g2 for my mini reef. but the stand itll be going in isnt that big. im hoping to fit the skimmer in a 20g long which is 30"x12"x12". is it possible to run the sump/skimmer at say... 8 inches of water? i hope to make it 3 chamber, sump in first, refugium with cheato in 2nd, and return in third. dont need a huge one bc the display tank is just a 25g. also, theres no such thing as overskimming is there? ill have a modded g2 on MAYBE 40 gallons with decent sized bioload. thanks


i have mine sitting in a 55 gsallon sump up to the oring where the cup attches works great there


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I think most skimmers sit in 6-8" of water, but I'd ask the guru in the DIY section of this forum. One of them will know
well this is my first skimmer/refugium, is it safe to run 9"-10" deep in a 12" deep tank? seems to me to be pushing it. im hoping to find a cheap tank locally to use. thats why i hoped for the 30"x12"x12", bc it is $30 locally. but is there a better suited tank? 30g tall or something? the compartment is basically 40"x16"x40"ish.


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a standard 30 is roughly 36 x 12 x 16 tall. maybe that will work better for you.