How do i set up a RO filter?



After reading some threads on here, i am considering getting a RO filtration unit. How where do i set it up? I figured i'd ask here instead of at the LFS. I have a 72 gl bowfront tank, and a 55gl for mixing new water for changes.
Thanks, Matt


It needs to be hooked up to a faucet. If you got a spare one it is a lot more convenient! I don't, so I have to keep moving the darn thing around. :mad: But I think it's definitely worth it. Don't have to run out and buy distilled water all the time! :jumping:


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Depends on how you want to set it up. You can buy an adapter so it will thread onto a hose or threaded sink faucet or for a more permanent setup you can use a piercing saddle valve. Then you just need somewhere to run the fresh water line and the waste water line.