How long can acropora frags live in shipping container??????

So I bought some frags last week (GARF BONSAI) frags. They were shipped Thursday overnight. I was supposed to get them friday but fedex had a mashine failure (whatever that means). The frags were held at facility over the weekend and will arrivee today (monday).
Any chance these frags stand a chance???????
I know they were shipped in a syrphome container in oxygen filled bags with a heating bag. I live in VA, I has been around 60 to 65 degrees the last couple of days.
I doubt it
Let me know what you think.

bang guy

They will probably look very stressed when they arrived but if they were healthy when they went into the bag they should be alive.
Providing of course that GARF shipped real frags and not tiny coral chips.


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I'm with Bang, if they were healthy when they went in the bag, they should be able to recover when you get them in.
I accidentally left a cleaner shrimp at FedEx for two weeks... they called me and told me that I had a package still here marked "live animals" that had been there for two weeks. (Yeah, I was a little pissed.) Anyways, I opened it up expecting a dead cleaner shrimp - and miraculously, it survived! I had that thing for two more years after that.