How long does it take for zoanthids to open up


I just got 6 sets of ZOANTHIDS from a online retailer.. When I got them they were closed.. How long does it take for them to open up? I havn't seen too much out of them and it has been about 40 hours since they were put in the tank. I have power compacts and metal halides..
Any ideas would be great or if you have suggestions for me to keep them growing and bright!


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should be open already. Are ANY of them opeing yet? doesnt have to be whole colony but a few heads at least should be opening. Dont stress too much for first couple of days though, its normal for a day or two


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Zoos usually open in an hour or two. When you put them in you should do it towards the end of the day after the mh are off. And put them at the bottom of the tank. Move them higher slowly over a week so that they get used to the mh. They might not like your light.


took mine about 2 weeks. I was freaking out. but now they have grown and spread alot


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don't freak out...zoos can tend to be slow openers if just introduced to the tank...if you start seeing them get a cloudy clearness to them then you may be losing them, but if they are just closed let them be for a few days, it may take a while for them to get 100% used to the new area. i've had some that open within the hour, that open before i put them in, and some that take days and days to open--drives me nuts with how much i love em! :joy: ***)