How many corals ?


I have a 30 gal tank. Have 40 lb live rock, 10 lb live sand. Cyclone skimmer, 8 watt UV sterilizer, mechanical filter with bio wheel and fluidized bed filter.
I plan to have a small (1 sq inch) yellow tang and a same size blue tang and a very small clown (you can see thru it).
How many corals and inverts should I go for to keep water in good shape and optimum for corals ?


Tangs grow up and need room to swim. 30 gal isnt very big for them. You can just add corals for what you have room for. There is no exact answer. You want to give corals enough room so they don't touch each other or can sting each other depending on what corals you get. Some hard corals get sweeper tentacles that can reach pretty far. Some soft corals can release toxins. So read about the corals before you buy them.