How many fish is "too many"?


Is there some sort of rule for how many compatible fish you can have in your tank? I've heard like 1" of fish per 10 gallons of water - that sounds way too scarce. :confused: Thanks.


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1" for every 3 gallons or 1" for every 5 gallons is what most people use. I reccommend using the 1" per 5 gallon rule.


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yeap 1" per 3 gallons,its more of keeping the water quality good then size unless you have a smaller tank and aggresive fish.If you have a community tank then the addition of a skimmer or fuge or sump will increase the capacity so I have heard Just my .02 cents


depends on the fish. Some school some are territorial. But I would go 1" per 10g for adult fish. Why? 1" x8" fish ......a 8" fish wouldn't have much room in a 2 foot tank? 24g. But in the same token I would think you could have a 6" fish and 4-5 smaller ones in a 90g. Point is there is no rule just don't pack large fish in any small tank . I like to keep one main fish= large and rest small. Seems the large/med fish keep all the small ones from killing eachother. When I had just small fish they would fight all the time but not when theres mixed sizes. JME