How many green chromis?


I'd like the first fish in the 180 I'm setting up to be a small school of green chromis. Once the tank is fully cycled do you think I'd be able to add 7 small to medium green chromis all at once?


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Chromis are not really aggressive, so you should be fine with 7 n a 180. I have 3 in a 75 and they never bother anyone.


always Keep them in odd numbers, They are a part of the Damsel family i believe but not like damsels when the mature!


You can keep in any numbers as these are peacefull fish you could have 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 depending on size tank or sump or both lol
greatfish aswell. Best fish to start of with imo.
good for reef tank too.


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I just got 3 small ones, and now I have one left. They progressively killed themselves off. Theyre nice to other fish though.
Okay I have heard that they kill themselves off. What does that look like. I blamed my purple lobster for red patches that looked like bites on the side of mine. It looked like the scales were missing. They looked bloody. Is this what happened to yours? I like this fish because they school and look cool in a 125g. I started with 7 and took them back at 5. 2 died the rest were beat up.


I got 3 chromis in my QT right now to finish of my 75gal reef (had 4 but they killed of the smallest one) but from what I've read and my experience the really small one's don't fair to well so I recommend getting them in a medium size.
7 in a 180 should be fine depending on the rest of your future stock list and realistically you will end up with 5 since they will bicker amongst each other.
i had 6 in my 150 gallon reef. i lost one because of a hungry power head :(
but all 5 have been in there awhile and they dont bother any other fish or get picked on