How Much Would This Cost New...?


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Brand: All-glass Aquariums
Size: 29 gallons
Filter: Emperor filter systems-280 with owners manual
Filter Cartridge size: (E)
Heater: Marineland, Visi-Therm Deluxe , 50 watt
Oxygen Pump: Flowmaster
Includes: Light, Hood, Wood Stand, 29 Gallon Tank, Instant Ocean Salt, Omega One Marine Flakes (food), Stress Coat (aquarium water conditioner), One Bio Wheel, Saltwater Master Liquid Test Kit, Bioncy Tester
Minor Tank Scratches on side glass.
Around how much should something like this cost new? THANKS


I would buy tank and stand at you lfs. And buy everything else online .
I would also just get a glass top if you plan to upgrade rather than the black plastic one.
Instead of the 280 maybe the 400. Just a little more money but a bigger filter is always better.
Need atleast 150 watt heater . I have a 200w.
An air pump will create a salt creep and get salt all over your top cover . Would not get one.
I agree with capt about 300.
But you still need add some sand and rocks too.


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Keep in mind that if you plan to have a reef tank that the equipment you listed is probably going to be the cheapest stuff you will have to invest in. The really expensive portion will be the lighting and the live rock combined.
I don't know if this helps, but here is a list of my costs when starting a 55 gallon reef tank:
Tank and wood stand: $160
300 gph filter: $35
Two 170 gph powerheads: $18 each = $36
Protein skimmer for 70 gallon tank: $50
Four bags of aragonite sand: $24 each = $96
Bag of live aragonite sand: $36
Bag of Instant Ocean salt (55 gal.): $18
Glass canopy hoods: $24
Two HQI 10k 150watt metal hallide pendants: $250 each = $500
50 pounds of live rock: $200
20 hermit crabs: $24
20 turbo snails: $24
Two yellow-taileddamsels: $4 each = $8
Test kit for water: $50
Flake food: $5

Total: $1,266
As you can see, if I was to go fish only, I could have eliminated a large chunk of my expenses.


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Considering it is a 29 gallon that would be about half that price.
And you dont have to have metal halides it just depends on what corals and if you want a clam or not.


The best advice I give is to get an aquarium from someone trying to get out of the hobby that knew what they were doing.


look for a deal, I got a 30 long, two skilter 400 and 250's cheap hydrometer, food, a small bag of salt, and a small wisper filter for 30 bucks. Good size aqurium to learn off of then transfer fish over.