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Hi, i really want to start a saltwater tank, probably around 30 gal. I was just wondering what everything costs, what about the tank is gonna be expensive., and any suggestions that would help for someone who is new to all this. Any information that can be provided is a great help... thanks :help:


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heres a great idea for you.
There are hundreds, yes literally hundreds of threads on this topic.
By the way if you it right it will be about $1000-1500


I have a 29 gallon tank with a few corals. I have approx. $1,200 in it and it is just a test tank. I wanted to make sure I could keep up the maintaince and keep the fish and coral alive and healthy before upgrading to a 75 gallon reef.


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Here's what your going to need:
30gal Tank and Stand
30lbs of Live Sand
30lbs of LiveRock
150watt Visatherm Delux Heater
Penguin Emporer 280 Power filter for carbon
2 Maxi-Jet PowerHeads for water circulation
2 Sponge Prefilters for PowerHeads
Protien Skimmer -AquaC Remora or a CPR BakPak
Salifert Marine Test Kit available at ReefGeek
Hydrometer or Refractometer
Lighting Fixture (depends on if you want to keep corals or not)
If So Need to Choose from Power Compacts, VHOs, T5s or MHs...


Tecster the prices they are giving you may be a little high. Of course if you want everything new it will cost you more, but if you are just getting started i would recommend buying used. Personaly i bought my 30 complete with lr ls stand canopy lights and pumps etc... for $100. Now will you get one for that probably not, but i have seen several setups for sale for $200- $500 that are really nice used:cheer: