How often do you test water?

salty tank

I havnt tested mine in almost 2 months. I check for ammonia and salinity and thats it. After i pute in my refugium my water became so stable that i realized i was wasting money testing water every other day. I will test it though if i see somthing wrong.
How often do yuo test?


Once a week, Twice if I do a water Change.
I used to test more frequently but it stressed me out too much.
I have a 65 gal FOWLR, Emperor 400 HOB Filter, 2 Powerheads and 4 fish, 2 crabs, snails, hermit crabs, Brittle star, and 2 shrimp.


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salty i agree with you , you should be able to tell if there is something wrong in your system by looking at your specimens , and if something looks wrong then test ....... the only thing i constantly check is salinity and thats because i have a refractometer floaiting in my tank at all times , other than that ocasionally i test my PH and my ates i have a ammonia tag in my tank hidden so if i get any problems i can just look at that and see what im at , but really i can tell by the behavior of my fish ................... how quick did your fuge improve your water ? ........... will you draw me a picture on how you did it , if you did it yourself im about to do mine but i dont know about my ideas