"How old are You?"

20= I go by tyler but my first name is jonathon. It should be Tyler Jonathon but when i was was born my dad got alittle too excited when the nurse asked what they were going to name me and said it backwards...oops! oh well i like it better this way..the longer name before the shorter one
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Just me and the tank.. :jumping:
I just love the bachelor life... Noone to tell me..
"NO!, you cant buy anything else for that stupid tank!"


38 Chronologically
10 Mentally (Always Good To Think Young)
75 Physically (Too Many Sports Injuries and lost count after surgery 20).
Just have to keep thinking Young.


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Originally posted by Fishman830
whos the oldest

Not me anymore!! whew!! In the beginning of this I was.

Hey and our userCPs were changed to December 31, 1969 as our birthdays!! In our actual profile its right, but if you look at your name on a thread most show 12/31/69 HA, I just got 8 years subtracted !! THANKS SWF. COM


gabe- 19 and turning 20 soon
I wonder how many people are truthfull on here? Some people are probably ashamed they are so young and other are trying to fool father time by taking off a few years/decades......


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Carla I am 26, but I have aged decades in the past 8 months since the twins arrived :notsure: