How sensitive to temp change?


I'm working on getting my 55gal up and running. Our house has forced air heat/central ac, and the temperature in every room varies greatly depending on if the air is running or not. My tank's temperature is in a good range, it usually goes anywhere from 77-81, but I don't know if that's too much of a variation for some more sensitive creatures. It doesn't seem to bother the fish at all... the hermits did fine with an accidental temp spike yesterday to 83.8 (i shut off the ac and forgot to turn down the heater in the tank--woops). Now it's hanging steady right around 78, but I was wondering how sensitive the more sensitive inverts are to temp change? I want some shrimp soon and eventually a brittle star or two, but how much is okay for them?


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You will probably be told it's a huge deal but my tanks usually go anywhere between 78 and 86 during the summer for the past three years and I haven't lost anything, I always just let the tank cool down slowly though instead of shocking them with cool water. That said I would set your heater higher if your tank stays at 81 during the day, change your heater to stay at 81 and then it shouldn't flucuate as much.