How to add sand to existing tank????

dive girl

I'd like to add some additional sand to my established tank, probably just the CaribSea bagged sand to make the sandbed a little deeper.
If I do this, will it start a cycle? Should I rinse the sand well before adding it and maybe adding a small amount every day over a period of time? I'm adding it to just a 10 gallon so want to be careful in not to cause changes to the water parameters.


I used aragonite sand so it would not start a cycle. I took the sand and washed it according to the instructions until it was no longer milky looking. Also when I added it to my tank I loaded it into a plastic Walmart sack and tied the top closed. Lowered it into the tank and tore the bottom open slowly to let the sand fall to the bottom. THis helped in not creating a giant sand storm and white out of the tank. Hope this helps a bit.

atl reef

I added a 20 lb bag of bio-active live aragonite yesterday to a 55 gallon, doubling my sand bed. I filled up a cup at a time of sand and gently poured into onto the sand bed. There was some cloudyness, but nothing severe. Once I cranked up the powerhead and filter again, it was crystal clear in a couple hours. I have seen no ill effects.


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Rinse the sand and use a pc of PVC (1.5"-2") to slide the sand where you want it. Move slowly and you will not have a sand storm.