How to bring the color back?


Folks, I have been keeping my queen angelfish for years now and I tried the best I could to keep the blue color. I won't say it is completely yellow, but she is not as blue as she once was. I tried to feed her with Ocean Nutrition Spirulina Formula and Cyclop-eeze once a week. There are small improvements, but not a great deal.
I also read from some goldfish websites and notice the technique goldfish keepers use. They generally keep them in an outdoor pond so the fish can enjoy the sun.
Does anyone have any success on keeping the color of this beauty?


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Color loss, if not related to maturity like spanko usually a diet problem. Angel fish need sponge..putting one in the tank for it to nibble at might help. They do sell a food just for them with sponge in it. Have you tried anything like that?


I tried the Angel Formula. It seems the sponges are keeping the fish healthy and active but color loss is still happening.


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Queen angelfish change color as they age and here are some pictures to compare yours to.
Thanks for the link. The queen was 4.5" to 5" from head to tail, so it definately was not a juvenelle when I first bought it. Rather than just focusing on the food, I am wondering if a UV lamp (The one used by the reptile keepers) will also bring out the color since these fish live in the ocean where sunlight is plentiful.


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If she is just turning from blue'ish to a more solid yellow/gold color, it's completely normal.
You're dealing with one of the species of fish that there are no exact "standards" of color. There are several thoughts of explanation. First, it sometimes varies with depth. Deeper water Queens, 50+ft are thought to have more greens and blues, where "shallow reef" Queens tend to be more yellow. The other two are related, Queen angels and their very close sister, Blue angels, are very well know to hybridize. Most believe that almost all Queens and Blue sold in this hobby are neither 100% Queen or Blue. Most just generally show more of one parent. This results in different colorations within the species. And related to that, is location. Typically on the western Atlantic from about North Carolina down to Florida, you only have Blue angels. From the Keys down through some of the islands in the Caribbean, you have both, Queens and Blues, living together, and sometimes breeding together. From the lower islands down to about Brazil and a bit down, you only have Queens.
So I really can't point the finger at one. Can you post some pics? Thinking it's likely your Queen has a bit of Blue in her.
Definitely do not use a UV lamp. Reptiles have completely different reasons for a UV lamp, then any fish ever would.