How to create the perfect environment for a Clownfish - 20 gallon


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I have a 20 gallon freshwater tank that I want to convert to a saltwater since I got bored of freshwater as I've done it for years. I am so amazed by clownfish and there colour.
I am wondering what I need to do to change my freshwater to a saltwater.
Here are my q's:
Do I need to empty my whole freshwater tanks water to make it saltwater?
What do you recommend for sand? Live sand?
I don't want live coral. Is it safe to use fake coral décor?
is a clownfish ideal for my tank? Should I get two?
What is the cycle time if my tank has been used before?
Thank you.


Ton of knowledge here to help get the answers you need.
Your going to have to start from scratch to convert a FW to SW. I was informed by my LFS when I was going to convert my FW 55 to SW, I was going to have to empty it clean it (just vinager and water). For a 20gal use live rock and live sand, fake decor is fine.
You will get alot more info once others start posting, I am only 6 months into SW and love it. Costly but its great.
I am a college student looking for a fish tank set up. I have a love for fish, and I have had a variety since I was younger and other pets. When I move houses next year I am planning on getting a clown fish. I have been doing a lot of reading lately on things I need but it all Tutuapp 9Apps Showbox seems to be different. So I have a few questions!