how to devide 2 toadstools


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What's the best way to split these two toadstools? One is actually growing over the base of the other.


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That's the part that makes me nervous. So I just slice it as close to the rock as I can, and then I can attatch it to a piece of rock. I want to move it to another tank, should I let it heal in the tank it lives in now, or just move it to my other tank?


You would be surprised how easy they are to cut......just cut it wherever you want.....and move it tight away if you choose can stick it in a crevice, or use something to hold it down, and it will attach to the new rock will probably get another leather at the spot you cut the other one.....


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These actually were two little blobs left over from a huge one I had to remove. I was told to cut the original one, but just couldn't do it (feels so wrong) so I kinda rubbed it where it touched the rock until it receeded (it took like 30 minutes). The last little piece I just kinda pulled it quick and and it left the two little pieces which grew into these two guys.
Thanks for the help!


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Yup, slice it with a razor is what I would do. Pulling it off the rock might damage it too much.
I've sliced them completely to bits and grown a dozen new heads from one single toadstool. Pretty cool things, leathers.