how will my frogspawn grow?


This might sound like a dumb question, but I got a frogspawn about 2-3 weeks ago. At my lfs, in their two big tanks of coral, they have a little area for "nano corals". So I got a frogspawn that was in that section. It has two kind of small heads, and just recently(today) Im pretty sure it expanded completely. It looks alot larger than the previous days.
So my question is how will my frogspawn grow into a big frogspawn like the one below? Will it eventually grow more heads? Or what?


mine is ucrrently growing two different ways, the heads are splitting into two seperate heads, and there are little baby polyps sprouting up around the base of the frogspawn, right at the end of where the frogspawn tissue connects to the skeleton. I had a 4 headed one, 2 of the heads have split, and i have 8 little baby heads growing at the base now.


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Like alexmir said, branching frogspawn develop more skeletal heads at the base of the corallite. They grow surprisingly quick, too with the correct conditions