How're the babies?

Hi V!!!! U beat me to the boards this am!!!!!!

I dont have the girls to get rteady this morn tho so I slept in!! hehe
I have had a MAJOR issue with the BBS hatching and I cant find live pods locally, every place I have looked is "sold out"
I have lost a LOT of my fry b/c of this but have no fear I have expecting dads so I will be ready for ya in July!!!!
I still have 20+ at my last count but I feel SOOO helpless. They are not interested in anything but the live food

I will be more than prepared for the new batches


Yeah, I had to leave for school extra-early this morning so I could drop my dog off at the vet for his neuter.....Poor baby!!
I am SO sorry to hear of your losses fry-wise. I can only imagine how frustrating it must be. Still, if/when I go through a similar experience, it'll help encourage me that 'it happens to the best of us' !! Keep me posted on the remaining babies and any newborns; you know we all love baby news!!
I tore my hatcheries down and started them from scratch yesterday so I hope to have LOTS of bbs by the time I get home from work tonight! Cross ur fingers for me & the babies......they need a BIG meal!!!
I feel just terrible
watching them die off b/c there is NO food is devistating but I am dumbfounded as to why Im not getting ANY BBS from either hatchery.....i havent changed a thing

I will let ya know what I find when I get home tonight....cross ur finges for me
PS went home for lunch and was able to feed the fry FINALLY got a good amount of BBS to hatch!!!!