howz this scenario?


Ok, so say you've got dwarf seahorses and you want to go away for the weekend. You've got someone to feed your ponies, but you don't want them to have to do actual hatching of bbs.
I've heard that refrigeration slows maturation. Q: how much?
For example, if you hatch on THU. morn, and put them in the fridge, how much extra time does it buy
Normally I think you can feed off one hatch for 36 hours, at least, right?

I know those of you experienced with Dwarves don't stay home 24/7/365, so.... hows it done? I'm sure it's possible.
Thx in advance for the feedback!!


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The dwarf horses are not eating anything but live baby brine yet?
What if you got a supply of small copepods to fill the tank with so they had a supply of food for the weekend?
(Not a seahorse keeper, just throwing out a suggestion.)
Adult dwarves can manage to get down the small juvi brine shrimp, I have them do it but not often
I would say that if u have some stored in the fridge u would be ok for a few days. I have been a MAJOR home-body since my lil guy got here so we havent been far from home. HTH's


So, if I add copepods before I go, and store freshly hatched (RIGHT before we go) bbs in the fridge, I could get 3 days out of it (the refrigerated bbs)?
I don't even have my tank yet!!
Just trying to plan ahead. BTW, supplementing with pods is an excellent idea! THX


Great. Every year our family attends a convention for a 3-day weekend, and pretty much everyone I'd trust to 'babysit' does too. So, how to care for my ponies? I can probably ask my mum-in-law, cuz she's rather house-bound due to poor health. So, she doesn't get to come along.
I'm sure she'd do it, but the hatching/harvesting might be too much to ask from her. So, if I can get by with refrigerated....then I can ask her to add the pre-measured eggs to the prepared hatchery and plug in the pump so there'll be a fresh batch for me to feed upon returning home. Great! I've got a plan!!

BTW, NY, this year we're attending the convention in mid-July. So, I probably won't even have to consider this until next summer. Hopefully by then I'll be much more experienced.