Hppy B-Day Finger


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Thanks for remembering! I have been banned 2 times for whatever reason. And decided to come back on my B-day. I still dont know hy i got banned. I hear golfish, some sharks, and other members got banned for no reason at all...that is including me. Well, I have been busy with school(lots of HW cuase it is almost the end of the grading period/end of school). I can't be on too much, got to study, do HW, study and more studying to do. Well, For my B-day i got:
MH lights(2 200wts w/ ballast and reflector)
Some $$$$$
My favorite! Its about a foot an a half high and about 7 inches in width. It took up that huge empty spot in the right side. Its perfect there,. Well, got some more HW to do. See ya around.