humuhumu triger


I have been thinking about getting a humuhumu trigger. The informatin I have read states it is the least agressive trigger and as long as its adequatly fed will not bother with most inverts. The only inverts in my tank are cleaner crew such as hermits and snails. I also have 2 emerald crabs. My main concern is that it will eat my 3" perc clown or my 2" green chromis... Im less concerned with the chromis since they have been dissapearing on there own anyway... any thoughts?


ok the least aggressive triggers are the niger triggers or the pinktail triggers and even though you feed triggers they will still eat probably ur emerald crabs. the snails and hermits should be ok. your fish will be ok as long as you keep them fed. as long as you know though these guys have big appetites.


Guess my info was wrong :thinking: Anyway I dont much like my emerald crabs. they spend there time hiding and I still blame them for the death of 3 of my chromis that began slowly vanishing after I intorduced the emeralds... so maybe it wouldnt be a bad thing if they were to get eaten


i second what guineawhop said. my aunt's friend has had her humma humma for prob 7 or 8 years and it is not nice. after about a year it would kill any new fish she introduced into the tank. I would go with a niger if you are going to get a trigger.


denny,i've had my hummu for two years hes really friendly but when it comes to shrimps and snails its game over!!!!!!!!!!!
he swims with clowns ,damsells, wrasse,tangs. and no problem i trust him better than my domino(i want to fry him)back to the trigger= easy to keep,feed and he or she will be loyal to you(as long as your fingers are out of the tank!!!!!!!!!!
(your new nail clippers):D :hilarious


so hermits will be ok? I have like 30 small hermits in my tank for cleanup. only 2 snails. I consider them to be expendable.


I have a small huma (about 1.5"-2") He is as friendly as can be. I have him with:
1- perc
1- 4striped damsel
1- purple pseudo
1- camel shrimp
1- CC star
1- Brittle Star
and a few assorted corals, crabs and snails.
So far i have yet to see him go after anyone. Many times i have seen him and the shrimp hiding in the same rock together. And before anyone says it i know that the CC and the Huma are not reef safe, and i have been watching them very closely and i was given the corals so there wouldnt be much of a loss. But my huma is fairly peaceful and from what ive seen that it goes from fish to fish on temperment


when he becomes more mature that is when the aggression comes out not when they are tiny. be prepared to lose your shrimps and stars. won't touch hermits or snails i do believe.


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With triggers...if it fits are is any where near to fitting in their mouth...that is where the sails and crabs will eventually end up.
Try reserrching the crosshatch trigger...a pricey alternative.


My huma eat all my inverts except the arow grab and my sons puffer got it. I have a couple stars still in there but they stay up in the rock. My huma found the sally light foot I thought was long gone made saterday afternoon lunch out of him. I keep these fish well fed. They are growing super fast. If you want a trigger just plan on your inverts going bye bye one way or the other.