I'm Back! Help on Nuvo 16


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Hey everyone, I am back! I don't know if any of the old members would remember me, or if they still use this forum, but back in 2006 I was on this forum every day. I set up a 150 gallon tank back then.
In 2008, I went out of the country for 2 years, and then I was away from my home while at college. Since 2008, I haven't been very active in the hobby, since I was away from my tank. Every time I went home for vacation I got my hands wet again and loved taking care of the tank. My family kept the tank until the end of last year, which is when we tore it down and sold it to a family friend. I have been dying to get back into the hobby, and I just placed an order for a white nuvo 16 tank.

I have a few questions about the lights
I love the looks of the 2 Skkye 8 watt LED fixture it comes with, especially how they mount to the back of the tank. I am thinking about starting with those lights since they can support softies and some LPS.
Eventually I would like to purchase another light to support some SPS corals.
I am looking for something that also Mounts onto the back of the tank, I prefer that over hanging a light fixture from the ceiling or making mounting brackets above the tank.
I have been doing some research on the Boost LED Par30 light as well as the reef radiance Par led bulbs. I feel that later on I could mount that light in the middle of my tank, and have the two skkye Leds on the side of the tank. Aesthetically speaking, it is very pleasing and would look great on the eyes. any corals that need more powerful lighting and higher par output I could keep near the middle of the tank.
I know that these PAR30 lights come in a variety of options. My first question is what option should I go with? I want to keep it around 14K-16K so there are 2 options from the website.
"2111 option: bluish full spectrum, natural looking and coloration. Great for SPS/LPS. Kelvin range: 14K-16K"
and the other option
"311 option: bluish violet with UV, 450nm wavelength, stimulate florescence and growth. Great for SPS/LPS. Kelvin range: 14K-16K"
What would you guys suggest?
Second question is can you individually control the white from Blue LEDs? Can I turn off the White LEDs at night and Just run the Blue LEDS like I can on the Skkye fixture?
Thanks for your help. Also, if you guys are aware of another light fixture around the same price let me know.