I Can't Read...


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Books that is. Most people I know are regular readers and get into books. Quite honestly I can get into them. I think it's trauma from summer reading in school that turned me off to it. I start, then a couple of lines in I'll start re-reading the same line over and over and then it's over.


I am the same way. I'll reread the same line ten times in a row and then get bored and fall asleep. I did manage to somehow get through lord of the rings... don't ask how... I just don't know!

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Originally Posted by bigarn
I can be wide awake, but stick a book in my face I go totally to sleep.
unless it is something that interests me then I can't get into it and I get bored very easily.


The only books I read are written by Danielle Steel
I read loads and loads of swf threads every day....does that count


I love to read. Almost anything. I now have a problem with dry eyes and it kills me to read for any real length of time. I go back to the doctor later this month and I hope she can give me something to fix it.
I read to my boys all the time. One of them will pick up a book once or twice a year, the other one never touches them. So much for reading to your kids.


it took me a year to finish a harry potter book. it was boring as HELL. lol but i wanted to finish it. im still in high school, so i have to read in english, but ive liked reading since i was very young. although, shakespeare kills. dont take sleeping

, read some shakespeare. lol. jurasssic park was a good book. had to read it for biology. lol.

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I only really got into books a couple years ago (at 28)
I was the same way you are
the key is finding a book that intrests you
If I hit page 5 and im not hooked the book gets laid down and never looked at again


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im always reading at least one book (i read 9 in 2008). however, i almost never watch movies. i dont know crap about movies.