I did not Know?


Hello too all, recently my anemity spilt not into two but three, what the heck is going on, I did not know they could due this, he was big then I woke up and he is three peices big. Can this be a good thing, it must be. I must be doing something right. All I have is a shark and an eal, with some small crabs and snails, stuff I catch from the ocean. I live in the pacific so anything I want I go catch. But if you could tell me more about the anemity that would be great.

bang guy

"Anemone" split during the best of times, and during the worst of times. It could be really healthy, or it could be stressed.


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O Bang Guy, thanx for clairfying that. My anemone split once after I moved it from the tank during my tanks reverse siphon problem. At the lfs it began to split, and wen I got home, its split was horrible. It died shortly after. Can they sometimes skrew up wen splitting so bad that theyll die? Cuz it wasnt looking normal at all...