I feel HORRIBLE!!!


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Yeah they go into shock and then freeze to death. Would u like to freeze to death. i think not.

The "going into shock and freezing to death" occur at the same time.



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The "going into shock and freezing to death" occur at the same time.

Ok. That makes more sense. I guess everyone has theri own Way


honestly i wouldn't put down a fish i would try everything i could to save it untill it finnaly passed on its own. Iknow others would say thats crewel to let them suffer for so long but i have had more cases where i had a fish that i thought was dead for sure and i qt'd it and medicated it untill it was back to normal.


I always microwave them, kidding.
I've found one of the more humane and efficent ways of finishing off a cripple is to get a cup of water, mix it to a 50% water 50% PH up (PH of 10 is perfect) and drop 'em in. In a few days there won't even be any fish left to feel sorry for.
Kidding again. Jeez.....no sense of humor.
When I worked at ***** (don't beat me) they had this stuff ("fin-quel" I believe it was) that was like an anesthetic for fish. You'd drop them in - instant paralysis and the end of all nerve functions. The human equivalent of lethal injection.


Clove oil can be used to euthanize a fish, even though this can be used as an anesthetic, a heavier dose of clove oil in a separate container can be used to euthanize, they say it is almost instant.....


Its only cruel and unusual unless its been done only once and then its only cruel therefore not able to be classified as cruel and unusual.


I have, unfortunately had to put a very sick fish to it's death, so it would not suffer. It was beyond help.
I learned from a local fish store, that if you take the fish and put it into a small bowl or container, using the tank water that it's in. Then drop a couple alka seltzer tabs into the container, or zip lock back works ok too.
First hand experience, this ended the fishes suffering imediately. Very quick.
I don't like the idea of the sharp blow to it's head, because I fear that if I don't do it hard enough, it would cause the fish pain and further suffering. If I do it too hard, it would make a mess and make insides splatter. I don't want either to happen to a fish I love.
I don't like the freezing the fish in the freezer routine because many people do say that it is a slow painful death.
To me, the Alka Seltzer is the kindest, fastest and most humane dignified way to end a fishes suffering.