I found some Southdown!!!

I found some southdown today at the Fredricksburg HD.........my local HD offered to transfer 5 bags at a cost of 300 bucks for shipping plus 3.89 a bag.....lol!!!!! Anyway it took me about 5 hour round trip to go get it.Just wanted to let you all know!:D


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It's a type of sand that is supposed to be good for sw tanks. I've never used it. From what I've read it's only available on the East coast. Bo


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caribean play sand, it is the same thing as aragonite sand(fine grained). It works great for fish tanks and is only 3$/50lbs.


so what does the bag look like? Is it called "southdown" on the bag? Can anyone post a pic? Has anyone ever acquired some on the west coast?


hehe, i've called a few HD stores in my area, two stores told me they have them on stock.. i want to see if i can pick up some... :0


There is also about 60 bags left at the HD in niagara falls, NY.
THey are abnout $4.27 a bag i think-- i just picked up 8 bags last night.
FishFanNY79 Is this type of sand "live" by any chance?
No it is'nt live sand........you would need to seed it from an established tank or you could pick up one of them critter kits to seed it with...