I got flat worms!!!!!!!!!! Errrrrrrr.


Ok so I get home from work I looked in my fuge I there was three little flat worms moveing along the sides of the tank. I looked in the dt did not see any. I know if there is one there are more. How can I get rid of them. I read some on flat worm exit. Anyone that gone threw this before could help?


I know the mere mention of flat worms strike fear in saltwater hobbiest, but do not rush to treatment. And so not use Flat worm exit or you'll have bigger problems than flat worms. Just reduce feeding and keep an eye on it. If you start noticing them in your main tank, there are alot of ways dealing with them that are simple.


I used FlatWorm Exit once and it worked but I had just finished cycling my tank and I only LR and LS in there. I probably wouldn't do it with a stocked tank...


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sorta curious... instead of taking people's advice already given, you're asking for more? not the right answers yet?
Who is it that has the FlatWorm Exit disclaimer at the bottom of their posts?


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The clear ones cause zero problems. The are not prolific and simply chase pods around on the glass.
As Cranberry says they are no problem, I had them for about 2 weeks, I just cut down on the feeding..