I got my New Orbit Light Fixture today!


It's a 48" 4x65 Watt Sunpaq with lunar Lights with Dual Day 10,000k and 6,700k and a dual Actinic -460 & 420nm.
My question is whats the best way to accamate my 55gal to the lights? It's on it's 7th week of cycling and some brown diatoms are starting to grow on my live rock, but not that much.
Then what is a good schedule to set up the timers for once the tank is accamated to the light?
Should I leave the Lunar Lights on all night?
Also, what types of corals is this light fixture good for?
Thanks in advance.


Sweet! I have a 20" 2x40w Orbit fixture for my 20gTall. Its cool.
If its still cycling, theres no need to acclimate your tank to lights. Just put it on.
I leave my lights on for 6-8hrs. Actinics are on longer than daylights.
Moonlights, I have them and leave them on 24/7. Many people do this. No adverse effects reported.
As for corals, you should have no problem with softies. SPS, I'm not to sure about. LPS, probably depends on the species.
Maybe somebody can chime in for you and give more specific info.


I have the same setup from coralife. I have my actinics come on at 8:00 am and the daylights come on at 10:00 am. The daylights go off at 6:00 pm and the actinics at 8:00 pm. I keep the lunars on all night and overlap them with the actinics for about 5 minutes.


One more thing - If you are going to leave the lights on for more than 8 hours a day you want to make sure that sunlight doesn't get to the tank. If your tank will see any sunlight you might want to shorten the amount of time your lights are on to prevent algea problems.