i hate damsels, they serve no purpose

this afternoon i went to check up on the tank with the 3 damsels in it, a large one, medium and a smaller one, and the medium one was in the left corner and the smaller one was in the right corner, and they both flew to a crevice in between to rocks( about 3 inches of space) and they ran around eachother in circles, at first i thought they were mating or somthing, then i started to see tiny circles of flesh marks and realized they were just deuling and beating the crap out of eachother,i hope they are ok, i doubt they will be,it was really messy.


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now now dlight692000
you know all creatures do indeed serve a purpose ;)
hey what species of damsels do you have ?
sounds like you got a couple nasty ones for sure. Are all 3 the same type or different ?
Are you planning to take them out of the tank or are you using Darwin's theory ?
they are blue DEVIL damsels, and if i could catch them i would but i cant, and dont wanna try when every other fish is trying to bite my fingers.


I'm with you on that one...damsels just suck. I started out cylcing my 72 with five green chromis. Slowly, one by one, they disappeared. About a month after I bought the five, not one remains. Who knows...


Damsels are really pretty fish, it is just too bad there temperment is just the opposite. But still every animal has a purpose. And we should treat each one the same.
Damsels are the most stupid saltwater fish I have ever and will see. But, they do help us when we need to cycle our tanks.


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Ahhh...nothing more touching than the love between a man and his pets...I'm gettin' all misty.


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Just because damsels are inexpensive and territorial is no reason or excuse to say they suck or are stupid ;)
Many a fine tank was first cycled with these tricky little

and I for one give them credit for being quite intellegent.
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ok ok, i didnt mean for this post to go this far! i just wanted to tell a story, im not saying all damsels should die, im just saying how aggressive they really are.


Damsels are the most stupid saltwater fish I have ever and will see
I'm sure you've heard the old saying "It takes one to know one"...I think this applies to you. :p I have to say it, I think you are totally clueless when it comes to this hobby.
So delete me.