i havent visited this site in a while!


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well, since ive been away my tank has been doing great, and here is the newest addition, my baby maroon clown!

i took this shot with a nikon D40, 18-70mm 3.5-4.5G, SB-800 master flash and SB-600 slave unit. the lens isnt great for macro so i had to do a pretty tight crop but whatever, i like it
enjoy :]


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Nice Pics!! What kind of camera / settings are you using? Im having trouble getting close ups. I have a Cannon Powershot SD850 IS and on macro it wont zoom in and focus. Ive already ended up with the lens in the water like 8 times trying to get as close as possible


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all my equipment is listed at the bottom of the first post, i think your going to have trouble getting shots like this out of a canon powershot. all of the equiptment i used to take this pic costs around 1k, and i dont even have the right lens