i hear someone is a starfish expert?


I have a 20h and was wondering if there were any species similar in looks to the linkias that would be ok in my tank.
or just any that would be ok in a tank that size

bang guy

A couple Asterina Starfish might would out but it doesn't sound like that's what you're looking for.
Perhaps Ophiura (the real expert) will have other thoughts.


that could work...Ophiura you out there?
would an orange or blue linkia be ok in a 20 gallon? i hear the oranges stay smaller then the blues


i have a 20 and 65 and i have a blue and orange linkia and they hve lived in the 20 for like 8 months.

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The resident starfish expert is on a well deserved vacation.....keep your question in mind and try to catch her attention mid week.....

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I absolutely agree that the link edited out of the above post is good reading....but links of that nature are a violation of this sites policy...sorry.

Originally posted by NM reef
I absolutely agree that the link edited out of the above post is good reading....but links of that nature are a violation of this sites policy...sorry.

Why???? It is to an online magazine with helpful articles.It wasn't a link to buy something cheaper that SWF also sells.
If you want people to buy animals have sucess keeping them..........why was that a violation?
I don't get this one my friend,I understand other links being removed that was just an article on starfish and nothing more:confused:


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I didn't see the link, but the general problem with many is that they have adds for, or are sponsored by, competitors. Hey, the mods (or at least speaking for myself) don't like it all the time, but unfortunately it is kind of the way we have to work it.
NO on any Linckia in a 20g tank. Most will starve in 9-12 months. Until they are kept over a year, no one should claim any success. It is estimated that it takes 9-12 months for a healthy wild caught individual to starve to death.
Even if they do survive, they are CLEARLY in the minority. We know little about the dietary needs of these stars but there is NO DOUBT that success greatly increases with increasing amount of LR. But we know that they DO NOT feed on algae and detritus and VERY FEW will take to any spot feeding. They most likely graze on bacterial/algal films or the critters that feed on those things. And it takes time for them to regrow in an area covered by the star.
FWIW - Fromia may have an even more specialized diet. Smaller does not mean easier to keep.
IMO, please do not try. Will it definitely die? Not necessarily. Will it definitely live? No way. Is it responsible to try it knowing the success rate? IMO, no.
If this is a very well established flourishing reef tank, then there is the possibility that the small Linckia multiflora would work, but it is still not guaranteed...but it is a far better one to try if you are adamant about having one.


thanks for the reply ophiura i wont be getting one. was just asking hoping it would be ok. i dont want it to die, so i wont get it.... thanks
ps, ill check back in a year to see if its established enough ;)