I #-$#ing Hate Ick!!!!!!!!!!!!


My I worked so hard for 4 years to keep my fish healthy and alive and Then ich just comes along and kills all my fish after 4 years IM SO DEPRESSED RIGHT NOW!!! it is unbeielive
But ive researching for my new community that will be in the future it wont be for a couple of mounths untill i add fish and get everything balanced agian im just going to add some and hermit crabs n snails while i get my tank balanced but
this is idea for the community of my fish
Yellow tang
blue hippo tang
FLame angel fish
Black n white ocellaris x2
royal gramma
Diamond goby
Neon goby x2
but this will not before awhile like i said im just oo depressed right now


I feel you pain brother; it's happened to all of us.
This hobby is not a hobby, it's a way of life
I check my fish out several times a day for wounds, ick, etc. It can come out of nowhere. The last time one of my aquatic kids got ick, it happened within hours. I remember I checked them and then a few hours later looked at them again, and one of my clowns was infected!


i would pu the hippo in before the yellow and also i have a royal gramma and i wish i never got him because he dosent like anyone new yo be added to the tank and he hates when my cleaner wrasse tries to clean him.


add cleaner shrimp! I take a lot of my knowledge from watching my dad do SW for about 5 years (he got me all set up with my first tank for my birthday!!!!! coolest gift ever!!!!!!!!!!!) He has cleaner shrimp in his 55g reef tank and every time ich tries to pop up they grub down on the ich. plus they are cool to watch!


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I talk to hopkins6 via messenger, and you sound like you might know him. He told me about a friend who had his tank wiped out by ick. You're from NC too. Maybe not though.
I cant tell you anything about the fish you wish to add, but I can say that "I'm sorry all your fish died". This is a chance to rebuild and start all over again...oh, what fun.


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i heard that ick can live off live rock for a while not sure tho so i would just get a uv ster too
I agree. My cousin let me get his UV STERILIZER and I put it in and it worked great. It's doing great and my fish looks fine. It kills Free-swimming parasites and bacteria. I also treated it with Organic ick treatment that is safe for inverts. Icks gone fish look fine.