I just got a refractometer!!


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I jsut came back from LFS. I was going to buy some coral, but I just switched my tanks and didn't want to rush anything. My coral are still adjusting to the new tank so I got a refractometer. It was $50 but I have been reading a lot about how better they are.
I tested with my hydrometer the other day and the needle thing wouldn't even move. I had to flick it with my finger to get it to do anything so I used my back up one which wasn't any better.
I can't believe the difference!! That's probalby why my polyps have been mad. The hydrometer said my SG was .25 (last 2 numbers) the refractometer said it was .35!
I can't believe it! I feel like a pirate when I use it. It's cool. My husband even liked it.


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I got mine today also! haha My hydrometer said my water was 1.025 and the refractometer said it was 1.030!


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I tested it when I got home with plain RO water and it was fine. It was worth every penny.
When I first heard people talking about them, it sounded like you had to be some kind of scientist to be able to read them. I can't believe it is soooo easy!!
I am still working on getting my SG down.