I Just Hafta Share

So i finally after a blaugh day of sellin cars today i decided that my 40 that i setup was ready for me to move everything from my 20 into it. So long story short after alot of movin stuff i got my clowns, my demon damsel and my watchman out. I hafta be honest the one maroon HATED the other and the demon damsel picked on both. Well now they are ALL HAPPY!! I'm watching them swim around happily right now haha it made my day. Now i just gotta fill in stuff that i'm missing like more snails and things. The sad part is i'm already thinking about upgrading bigger even tho i just moved everything an hour ago HAHA i love my only relaxing hobby
HAHA ICK NOOO but i had aiptasia on the rock i transfered so i have plans on killin those badboys. But anyway hopefully everything is cool.