I knew better


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Well even after 30 yrs at this still a stupid moment
I had 3 fish in my dt. 3 in my qt . My qt was in my rv one died so I took the temp of the water and it was at 88. So instead of relocating the qt to the house I put the 2 in my dt well the hippo has ich. I had a 20 qt but for 5 fish I thought it was to small. So I went looking for a 30. Got to the store and they had a 37 gallon tall kit. Led lights. filter 200 watt heater for 110 bucks so now I have a big qt. I will use to 20 to mix water. I have 2 hob filters on the dt now one is well seeded and the new one is on there 4 or 5 days now. Hippo as of now is the only one with visible ich and not too bad. So caught it early.
But still 2 months of qt . Didn't want them stuck in a 20 gallon.
Mean while think of getting more corals while the fish are in qt